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ANSYS is known worldwide as a provider of software for designing, testing, and operating products. The company started working with our team in 2018, and through the years, we have developed multiple projects in collaboration with various departments all over the globe. The assets created serve a broad range of purposes – from content for the ANSYS website to materials for conferences.


Two of the most exciting projects that we have carried out for the client so far were a series of customer-focused eBooks supporting electronic vehicles and a series of infographics created for the Paris Air Show. For the digital papers, the main challenge was narrowing down the large number of research findings to provide a concise overview. Working on the infographics, we aimed at closely collaborating with the ANSYS team to create perfect storylines according to the data provided.

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In the case of the eBooks, the concept was focused on creating a concise overview of the electrical vehicle market which would be visually engaging and also aligned with the ANSYS brand. The infographic series was aimed at a high-level target audience – which is why the data storytelling needed to be on point.


The topic of the eBooks was very broad. During our research, we reached out to our contacts at ANSYS for additional revision rounds, which kept the feedback processes flexible and made sure we developed a concise story that covered all the touch points the client needed. The research on the infographics was outstandingly supported through the data provided by ANSYS. Additions from the Statista database regarding industry-specific topics made for a great collaborative effort.



For both projects, the aim was to adhere to the branding requirements of ANSYS while still creating visually outstanding assets. The technical images ANSYS provided were a perfect support for both the design and the understanding of the topic, as were the photographs provided to highlight the case studies. The comprehensive eBooks on a very exciting topic allowed for an in-depth design which our graphic department was keen to create.


The very different requirements of both projects were met perfectly: The eBooks were released on the ANSYS website and made available to customers as a download, while the infographics were showcased at the Paris Air Show, where they attracted great attention.

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