More top-of-the-funnel traffic thanks to infographic design

How Accurity is generating awareness with infographics
Success Case Accurity
The client

Accurity is a software-as-a-service provider in the field of data intelligence. As part of consultancy firm Simplity, Accurity helps companies to improve the quality of their data and optimise their data analysis with a view to facilitating business decisions. Accurity supports clients from a variety of sectors, e.g. banks, telecommunications companies and logistics providers.

The challenge

Accurity’s aim is to generate top-of-the-funnel traffic on its website in order to draw attention to its services. Previously, Accurity’s client base has chiefly comprised companies with high data volumes or in regulated sectors.

Accurity is seeking to broaden its scope by attracting a wider spectrum of potential clients, from SMEs to large global corporations.

Unlike previous campaigns for the company, the current campaign is not exclusively aimed at data professionals such as chief data officers, chief analytics officers and heads of data science. Instead, Accurity is looking to make decision-makers more keenly aware of how data can be used to enhance decision-making in a business context.

“Working with Statista has been a seamless experience from start to finish. Their team exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism and dedication to our project. The process of gathering and delivering the supporting data showcased their expertise and commitment. The final assets perfectly captured the essence of our vision and are resonating perfectly with our audiences.”

Dana Tousova
Dana Toušová

Vice President of Marketing, Accurity

The solution

An infographic enables Accurity to highlight its expertise in data intelligence. Drawing on relevant, up-to-date study and survey results, the infographic illustrates how companies handle big data, how the use of AI can automate data processing operations and how data intelligence software solutions, like those from Accurity, can assist in this regard.

The content of the infographic addresses executives’ priorities and provides benchmarks that allow them to compare their company’s data culture with that of the competition.

The execution

Statista Content & Design supported Accurity in the areas of research, copywriting and design, producing an infographic entitled ‘The State of Data-Driven Culture for Better Business Decisions’. All the information was presented in a modern design in Accurity’s look, combined with short and informative texts. The clear structure helps readers to grasp the content at a glance.

Accurity offers the infographic as a free and accessible download to interested readers on its website. For the purpose of communication to accompany the infographic, Statista Content & Design has also extracted eight individual graphics, complete with copy from the infographic. Accurity uses the individual graphics for additional posts on its social media channels and website.

The conclusion

Thanks to the infographic, Accurity is reaching a broad top-of-the-funnel target audience. By making connections to current topics such as big data and the use of artificial intelligence to process data, the infographic not only targets data professionals, but also a wider group of executives and decision-makers from a wealth of sectors.

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