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How auxmoney is demonstrating expertise with content marketing

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The client

auxmoney is a digital lending platform for private consumers all over Europe. Thanks to unique risk modelling and automated processes, auxmoney improves access to loans while also reducing associated costs.

The Challenge

auxmoney aims to position itself as the go-to brand for lending services. Against the backdrop of the current financial crisis, the idea is to raise awareness of the topic of borrowing among German consumers by providing free content.

‘Statista Content & Design provided us with optimum support, enabling us to lend momentum to existing campaigns with accompanying, data-driven content. We found the working relationship with the team to be exceptionally professional and client-focused at all times. From joint concept development through to the final graphic presentation of the findings, we were delighted and are now pleased to be building on the project with a content partnership.’

Matthias von der Heyde

Chief Growth Officer, auxmoney

The Solution

A large-scale study seeks to analyse the financial situation of German households amid the energy crisis and inflation, shed more light on trends in consumer behaviour and thus create points of contact to the lending sector.

The visual presentation of concise core statements from the study – for use on a variety of channels including social media and newsletters – is designed to generate maximum attention for the study.

The Execution

In tandem with the market research team of Statista Q, the team at Statista Content & Design produced content that offered unique insights into the financial situation of German households.

The data was gathered by Statista Q using a representative online survey. Statista Content & Design then presented the results of the study in a variety of formats:

Analysis and content production in the form of a 25-page report on the consumer and borrowing behaviour in Germany in 2022/23
Focus on three core topics for marketing purposes, showcased in the form of three infographics and multiple individual graphics for social media
Production of an animated video for social media showing key findings from the report
The Distribution

Following its publication, the study was promoted with the following advertising materials:

Sending of a stand-alone mailing that picks up on content of the study and encourages the reader to download the study
Placement of a native ad in the editorial Daily Data newsletter from Statista over a five-week period, directing the reader to the infographics examining the core topics
Content Assets auxmoney
Stand-alone Mailing

Approx. 68,000 recipients

Open rate of 24.5%

Click-through rate of 4%

Native Ads

Approx. 215,700 newsletter recipients

Open rate of 26.4%

the conclusion

Thanks to the study and the insights generated by it, auxmoney has its finger on the pulse and offers consumers in Germany an opportunity to assess and compare their financial situation. At the same time, the company demonstrates its expertise in financial matters, thus building trust with readers.

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