Relevant insights for successful lead generation
How DEFACTO positions itself as an expert for marketing automation
The client

DEFACTO is one of the leading business consultancy and IT solution providers and supports companies from a wealth of sectors in digitalising their customer, data and process management.

The Challenge

In a market that sees the arrival of new software providers and consultancy firms on a daily basis, DEFACTO wants to stand out from the crowd and position itself as a thought leader when it comes to optimising digital processes. The company is seeking to highlight its portfolio of services and reach a larger target group in German-speaking countries, thus expanding its customer base.

“With our reliable partner Statista Content & Design, we develop content formats that add substantial value for our target group. We get everything from a single source: research, copywriting, design in our company’s look and feel, and even distribution via the Statista newsletter!”

Philipp Schapitz

Marketing Director, DEFACTO

The Solution

By means of a free white paper containing current insights on process automation in marketing, DEFACTO positions itself as a thought leader and engages with potential clients on the topics of MarTech and SaaS.

By advertising the paper in the German-language newsletter of Statista, DEFACTO connects directly with the key target group: marketing decision-makers in German-speaking countries.

The Execution

In addition to a twelve-page white paper on marketing automation as a key content piece, the Statista Content & Design team also produced additional formats that picked up on subjects examined in the paper:

Six infographics with key insights for DEFACTO’s social media channels
Presentation of these six infographics in the form of three animated short videos for DEFACTO’s social media channels
The Distribution

But Statista Content & Design didn’t just support DEFACTO with content production, but also assisted with distribution in order to raise awareness of the paper:

Sending of an exclusive stand-alone mailing to coincide with publication of the white paper
Running of a content ad over a one-week period in the twice-daily Statista newsletter
Lead generation via the download page for the white paper at
Stand-alone mailing

Approx. 59,000 recipients

Open rate of 27.7%

Click-through rate of 1.6%

Ad in the Statista newsletter

Approx. 62,000 newsletter recipients

Open rate of 29.5% in the week of the ad

Click-through rate of 0.2% in the week of the ad

The Conclusion

This success case indicates that the combination of high-quality content and its effective distribution represents the key to successful lead generation. Strong content that adds value appeals precisely to the needs of DEFACTO’s target group, i.e. marketers interested in automation and process optimisation.

Thanks to the content measures, DEFACTO boosted its brand awareness and was able to position itself as a thought leader in the area of market automation. Aided by distribution via bespoke content formats on DEFACTO’s own channels, as well as in the high-reach Statista newsletters, the company generated high-quality leads.

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