Data-driven communication meets a holistic marketing concept

How EWE is implementing a clear communication strategy with data

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The client

With more than 9,000 employees and revenue of 5.6 billion euros, EWE is the fifth-largest energy company in Germany. As a pioneer in renewable energy supply, the company operates efficient energy grids and data networks. What’s more, EWE is strongly committed to sustainability and climate action and has set itself the goal of climate-neutral operations by 2035.

The challenge

In August 2023, an EU-wide prohibition on the sale of fluorescent lamps came into force, meaning that many companies urgently need to act to modernise their lighting.

Many of them, however, are either unaware of the ban or need more information on the conversion and financing options available to them, causing them to shy away from the changeover.

EWE offers a full package of solutions for LEDs and wants to get this message across.

The solution

With a holistic communication campaign on the topic of LEDs at companies, the aim is not only to inform existing business customers via their EWE contact representatives, but also to address all other relevant personnel at both medium-sized and large enterprises alike.

Using visually engaging informational materials, the campaign seeks to highlight the benefits of switching, as well as the implementation options and financial support available. All facts and figures need to be presented in a clear and arresting way.

‘Statista Content & Design supports us with data-driven content that connects with and wows our target group. The dedicated team provides us with highly professional assistance in everything from research and concept development through to graphic design and distribution. We can count on their outstanding flexibility, speed and client focus throughout.’

Nico Frieden

Business Customer Marketing, EWE

The Execution

The market research team at Statista Q conducted a survey, both before and after the ban on fluorescent lamps came into force. 100 professionals from the areas of facilities and senior management at medium-sized to large German companies were asked a series of questions on the topic of lighting.

Taking the data gathered from the first survey, the team from Statista Content & Design produced a 17-page white paper entitled ‘LED statt Leuchtstoffröhre’, which translates to ‘LEDs instead of fluorescent lamps’. The paper was supplemented with information on the benefits of LEDs, such as their potential savings in terms of energy consumption and costs. The findings of the survey were also presented in a variety of content formats, all of which were tailored to the communication channels of EWE:

Focus on the core topics of the two surveys for marketing purposes, showcased in the form of infographics and multiple individual graphics for LinkedIn
Production of various audio formats accompanying the paper – from short teasers to a complete audiobook version
Development of a PowerPoint presentation of the key findings of the first survey
The distribution

Following publication, Statista Content & Design also assisted EWE with the distribution of the white paper in the following ways:

Sending of stand-alone mailings focusing on key aspects of the white paper and sparking the reader’s curiosity with interesting facts
Placement of content ads in the editorial Statista Daily Data newsletter
Content Marketing Success Case EWE
Stand-alone mailings

Approx. 361,000 recipients in total

Average open rate of 28.6%

Average click-through rate of 1.4%

Content ads in the statista newsletter

Approx. 672,000 newsletter recipients

Average open rate of 29.5% in the week of the ad

Average click-through rate of 0.2% in the week of the ad

The conclusion

The holistic cross-media communication concept and the content formats tailored to the various channels (e.g. social media, newsletter, blog) enabled EWE to raise awareness of, and interest in, LED conversion and its concrete implementation while generating new business contacts.

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