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The California-based supplier of information and technology products Ingram Micro has been a client of ours for several years. During this time, our team has handled an array of different projects with a focus on retail and eCommerce themes – not only for the U.S. market but also for Canadian and European audiences.


Besides various infographics and PowerPoint presentations, the most outstanding project to date has been an animated video concerning circular supply chains. The video was to be featured on the client’s website and provide an overview of Ingram Micro’s expertise and available services in this field – allowing customers to understand the product at a single glance.

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Ingram Micro provided a narrative for this complex topic, from which we developed a first script. Once this was approved by the client, our team created a scribble board and style frames to make sure the overall look and feel was agreed upon. From this, a fully developed storyboard was created.


As the narrative itself was provided, our editorial researchers were able to completely focus on telling the story in a clear, succinct way – always making sure to communicate the key points and keeping in mind the overall intended length of the video.



Based on brand guidelines and the established corporate identity of Ingram Micro, our designers created a modern but still recognizable look for the video. They kept blue as the main color, complemented by a variety of accent colors. The design also made use of geometric shapes, outlines, and a largely minimalist style.


After a number of collaborations, this project was a major achievement, further developing the traditional data design projects we had been handling in our partnership with Ingram Micro so far – and a total success! The end product is a lively, dynamic, and vibrant showcase and valuable addition to Ingram Micro’s website.

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