Maastricht University and Statista: a creative symbiosis


Maastricht University (MU) is the public university located on the southern tip of the Netherlands. Since 2017, we have been working with both the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Business and Economics. During this time, we have implemented a wide variety of projects. One of the most recent and most exciting projects was designed for MU’s own Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH).


Together with the Made2Measure group, which also belongs to the university, MACCH prepared a study on the local creative industry’s importance to and influence on Maastricht and the region. Our task was not only to design an exciting ePublication, but also to filter


Successful solutions with our effective process



Due to the creative nature of the topic, the implementation of the project had to be visually convincing. The most meaningful data had to be presented in the right light with strong and striking illustrations. While the content for the ePublication was provided by MU, our team developed the content structure of both the brochure and the translation to create a coherent package.


As the data for this project had already been collected as part of the study, our editors were able to focus on selecting the relevant facts and figures and on implementing an exciting data storytelling process when preparing the brochure and the translated summary. The printed materials were intended to support the ePublication without overshadowing it.



Aside from the color specifications, a requirement for the client’s corporate identity, our design team had the freedom to decide on the design of the products. They adapted the mix of photos and illustrations intended for the ePublication and developed a consistent style for both the brochure and the Dutch summary.


The project was a complete success for both parties involved at MU: While the ePublication for the study was published online, the brochures and summaries created to support the message served as handouts at conferences and for presentations on the study.

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