Successful distribution to digital marketing decision-makers
Reaching the target group with pinpoint Statista advertising
The Client

Technology firm Seedtag was set up in 2014 by two former Google employees, the aim being to rethink online advertising. Seedtag offers contextual targeting for digital publishers.

This means that advertising is tailored precisely to the environment in which it appears. The AI technology behind Seedtag incorporates additional info within context-based targeting in order to make the experience as personalised as possible for users.

The Challenge

The challenge facing Seedtag is how to address decision-makers in the field of digital marketing who are looking to offer pioneering and data protection-compliant user targeting.

With this in mind, Seedtag joined forces with YouGov on the subject of privacy in online advertising in Europe – and summarised the findings in a white paper entitled Understanding Consumers’ Perceptions Of Online Advertising. This will now be distributed to relevant personnel in the digital marketing target group.

Statista Content & Design were on hand to provide support with the project.

“The collaboration with Statista Content & Design has been an effortlessly smooth journey. They demonstrated an exceptional degree of professionalism and unwavering commitment. The campaign perfectly encapsulated Seedtag’s vision and has been striking a harmonious chord with our target audience.”

Rocío Martinez de Carlos

PR & Communications Manager, Seedtag

The Solution

The advertising experts at Statista Content & Design supported Seedtag with the help of advertising materials that – drawing on the reach of the Statista data platforms – were distributed to users in the countries in which the study was conducted, i.e. France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The multilingual platforms and the Statista newsletter offered the perfect foundation in this regard.

In order to fully harness the touchpoints with the target group, distribution comprised a mix of stand-alone mailings, digital ads, and advertising placements in the daily Statista newsletter.

The Distribution

The Statista Content & Design team helped Seedtag distribute the white paper campaign using the following advertising measures:

Pan-European stand-alone mailings in Statista’s name, targeting the countries in which the study was conducted
Placement of content ads in the editorial Daily Data newsletter, published by Statista in German, English, French and Spanish – as well as in the global newsletter, with targeting on the regions of Italy and the Netherlands, over a five-day period
Placement of display ads on Statista platforms (,, and, carrying out A/B testing over a two-week period. Subsequent optimisation of distribution for the advertising format with the better performance
Stand-alone mailings

approx. 110,000 recipients in total

average open rate of 22.9%

average click-through rate of 2.4%

Content ads

approx. 1 million recipients in total

average open rate of 17.1%

average click-through rate of 0.4%

Display ads

approx. 874,000 impressions in total

average click-through rate of 0.25%

The Conclusion

The various distribution tactics enabled considerable reach. The open and click-through rates exhibited above-average performance, with country targeting ensuring that content was noticed by decision-makers within the relevant target group. Thanks to the bespoke advertising, Seedtag was able to reach its target group efficiently and successfully distribute the findings of its study.


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