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Staples is one of the leading global stationery suppliers. In more than two years of collaboration, our team has implemented a variety of campaigns for them, from which a wide range of assets have emerged: infographics, videos, and white papers along with blog posts on specific topics, to name just a few.


The content created for the project presented here is not focused on Staples’ product portfolio but rather aimed to address the relevant topic of ‘health at work’ – from the correct setup of the workplace to the prevention of burnout. Staples provided input for this purpose, which was to be further deepened through extensive desk research. The main focus for the assets was to develop articles that would later appear on the blog.


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In total, five different blog posts were created, supplemented by one large and several smaller infographics and a video. The goal was to design these in such a way that they would attract attention both on the website and as social media posts. Since the project was a campaign rather than a singular asset, the feedback processes were flexible in order to achieve the optimal result.


Due to the different aspects of the topic, the research was the biggest challenge of this project. Fortunately, the Statista database contains a wealth of relevant data, surveys, and graphics that complemented the content provided by the client perfectly and found their way into the various assets.



At the beginning of the design process, a mood board was created to give the customer a feeling for the visual direction of their campaign. The goal was a successful interplay of a subtle corporate identity and harmonious but expressive illustrations that could be applied to the various assets to be created.


This project was a complete success for Staples: The assets created were published on various international channels. The blog posts were not only released in English but also translated into eight other languages by the client. Foreign language versions were also created for the video, for which Staples received significant positive feedback. This project is without doubt one of our ‘best practice’ examples.

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