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Welcome to the age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) describes the reproduction and automation of intelligent human behaviours. AI is used in a wealth of areas, such as the development of virtual assistants, industrial robots and in the healthcare sector.

Infographic on artificial intelligence

First contact via AutoCorrect

More than two thirds of people in Germany have encountered AI technology in the form of suggested words when typing messages on their smartphone. You will probably also be familiar with the following everyday applications of AI technology:

  • Voice recognition systems in digital assistants or smart home devices
  • Personalised song or film recommendations on streaming platforms
  • Machine translations on social media or websites
  • Personalised product recommendations in online shops
  • Facial recognition to unlock the screen on your smartphone
  • Facial recognition in your smartphone’s photo gallery


AI can now also handle content

The topic of artificial intelligence became omnipresent in the media when the AI chatbot ChatGPT was released in November 2022. There are now a host of AI-based tools that enable text and image generation based on text commands. These fall within the category of generative AI.

This represents a form of AI technology that draws on data and information gathered online to independently generate text, images and/or multimedia content. This technology is based on a form of machine learning in which algorithms are trained using huge quantities of data in order to detect specific connections and apply them to unfamiliar data.


AI = future success factor

In the world of work, AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks and processes and thus boost productivity. Furthermore, AI can help to analyse data more quickly and gain insights into patterns and trends. Therefore, 94% of executives worldwide regard AI as a key success factor in business in the years ahead.


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Author: Nicole Turkin
Graphic: Raphael Hammer
Date: 21.03.2023

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