Infographic of the month – April

4 takeaways from the Statista Content Marketing Trend Study

What are the central success factors and challenges in digital content marketing and the most popular tactics employed by companies?

Every year, we survey the German-speaking content marketing community in tandem with the Content Marketing Forum e.V. and CMCX and provide valuable insights and benchmarks in our 2023 Content Marketing Trend Study.

Marketing officers from a wide variety of sectors answer questions about their content marketing strategy, key success factors and significant technologies and trends.

In this month’s infographic, we have summarised four key findings for you:


More than half of the companies surveyed allocate less than 16% of their budget to content marketing.

52% of B2B companies earmark 0–15% of their budget for content marketing. In the B2C segment, this figure rises to 56% of companies.


Instagram and Facebook are neck and neck in the B2C sector – in B2B companies, LinkedIn is still ahead.

While Facebook still held a lead of 9 percentage points over its sister platform Instagram in 2022, the two sites now share first place as the most-used social media channels in the B2C segment. LinkedIn has further strengthened its dominant position in B2B.


B2B companies need better ideas and themes, B2C companies want more budget.

42% of B2B marketing professionals feel that better ideas and themes would make their content marketing more successful. In B2C, 50% regard more budget as the key to greater success.


AI tools are more important for B2C companies. 

53% of B2C marketers view the use of AI-based tools as important/very important for their company. This view was only shared by 28% of B2B marketing professionals.



Then download the entire study free of charge to discover even more content marketing trends.

Author: Nicole Turkin
Graphic: Jörg Huylebrouck
Date: 25.04.2023

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