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Exercise trends in the fitness industry

Author: Gabriela Hein
Graphic: Katja Schönemann
Date: 11.01.2022

The miracle drug called sport – active exercise is good for your general well-being. And it does much more than just achieving a beach body: dementia prevention, antidepressants, diabetes prevention, and strengthening the immune system are just a few of the positive effects of regular exercise.

There is a wide range of products on offer, and this market is also constantly changing. Here are the latest trends in fitness …


A comparison of market shares

Fitness tracker and other related segments are on the rise and will continue to grow in the coming years. As a result, gyms and health clubs are expected to account for only 38 % of fitness industry sales by 2025 (2019: 61%).

The pandemic pushes trends forward

In the global top 20 exercise trends for 2021, online exercise, which was ranked 26th in 2020, landed at No. 1. Outdoor activities such as cycling, walking in small groups, and hiking grew in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic (17th in 2019, 13th in 2020).

You won’t be able to avoid these 3 exercise trends in 2022

Trail running

Out into nature: Unlike regular jogging, trail running doesn’t involve running on paved paths, but rather up and down hills and over rocks and stones. The different ground conditions make running even more strenuous.


Aerial Yoga

Yoga fans take note: With Aerial Yoga, you float in the air and can perform poses that are otherwise too difficult. This trendy sport relaxes soul and mind, trains balance and releases tension.


E-Mountain biking

E-mountain biking is a perfect way to explore nature and areas that are difficult to reach on foot or by bike.

There’s still room for improvement!

In 2021, around 29.4 million Germans reported that they exercise several times a week or a month. 41.1 million exercise only once a month, rarely and never, or did not specify. We think there’s still room for improvement!

Consistency, nutrition and exercise

  • consistency is the key: integrate the workout firmly into your daily routine.
  • pay attention to nutrition – Training should strengthen the body not weaken it, and for this it needs sufficient nutrients.
  • exercising together – sports in a group creates connection and can be a good driver.
  • challenge, but don’t overwhelm – Small steps and partial successes are important and motivating.
  • find something that suits you – The options are many, so you should not torture yourself with something that does not suit you. Have fun and you will stick with it.
  • stop making excuses. Start now – Nobody is born a professional, practice pays off.
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